Post Bridal Bliss In The Balkans

With less than nine months until your wedding, the planning is already well underway, as a production of this magnitude requires a lot of planning to be successful. While most of the arrangements have more or less been finalized as far as planning goes, one aspect that is yet to be decided is India Travel where you two will escape after all the commotion of your wedding week.

The problem is, many popular places tend to be crowded and expensive in the summer, and with your wedding budget depleting rapidly, you’ll need to find a place that will treat your pocketbook more kindly than the default options.

Have you considered getting away to the Balkans? Historically associated by a media-saturated generation as the place where war raged a mere two decades ago, the region has come a long way since then, with a tourism infrastructure rising from the troubles of the past.

Best of all, prices have remained low, and once you see the dramatic natural scenery present here and sample the local culture, you’ll truly begin to understand what an excellent value this part of Europe offers its visitors.

The following three places offer your best chance for finding the post bridal bliss in the Balkans that you will be eagerly seeking on your honeymoon.

Hvar Island, Croatia

While the mainland portions of Croatia are beautiful enough on their own, it is the islands where this nation really shines. If there is one where you should base yourself during your honeymoon in this region, it should be on Hvar Island.

The streets are lined with exquisitely built Venetian-style townhouses, and the harbor in the main town is filled with luxury yachts. They all come for the abundant sunshine, as that beautiful orb in the sky graces Hvar with over 2,700 hours of sunshine per year.

Budva Coast, Montenegro

While the buzz in Hvar is palpable, the scene may be too much for a couple seeking quiet. A coastal resort that has a lower profile than the islands of Croatia is the Budva Coast, Montenegro’s best frontage on the Adriatic Sea.

When you aren’t reclining in a sun lounger, check out Sveti Stefan, a former village on a peninsula that now is a luxurious hotel. In addition to this, the mesmerizing mountains and clear water at the beach will make your time in Budva unforgettable.

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Ohrid, Macedonia

If tasting the salt air is not high on a list of your priorities for your honeymoon, then maybe spending your post-nuptial days by the shores of one of Europe’s most stunning lakes will be more to your liking.