Cuc Phuong National Park – One Night in Forest

The forest space of the highland in North Vietnam is just unique. It must be different from the wild feeling of the Central Highland forest or the North West. Cuc Phuong obsessed me for its profound and the threat of the sudden limestone, the materials that creates the toughness of the Tam Diep, Ba Vi, etc. Cuc Phuong is green, deep and bushy to shade the eyes. It is lucky that beside the deep spring, there is the bridge that reflects the quiet water, beside the swamp, there is the well of the ancient Muong people and there are some steles in the new garden. Cuc Phuong is charming for its beauty of the expanse of the architecture and irrationally inserted by human.

The bungalows in the end of the forest are considered the space of the visitors who like to stay overnight. Bungalows are embraced by the forest like the babies, and they do not destroy the wildness of this forest and the mistaken of the rhythm for this land, although it is the familiar destination of the visitors. Some people who came to Amazon forest stay in Cuc Phuong, after they pull the blanket on, they still feel the different taste of Vietnam’s forests. The reptile will sing the lullaby song for the long sleep in the dreams of forest smells. That is it, wake up in the morning and see the forest. One of the most relaxing feelings is sleeping among the trees. The living in bungalow is not much different from the living of our great grandparents 7000-12000 years ago. Maybe it meets the meaning of finding back to the native’s instinct of sheltering seeker of human. The space of bungalow became the open space. The house on tilts that emulates the shape prevents wild animals. Moreover, the natural grass grounds under the trees are the wet rotten leaves grounds.

Living with the forest, people learn how to open the window while it is sunny to welcome the forest smell. They learn how to not refuse the trees and not angry with the sounds like in the city. That is the natural feeling that could not be done by the even most talented architecture. There is nothing possible to replace Mother Nature.

The sun shines Pantai Baron on the grass grounds and dry up the mossy steps, that is the time for the surrounded bungalows to open their doors. The forest encircles you. The forest is in front of the house. The forest is outside the window. Fog overflows in the beginning of the day. In that green fod space, in the temporary house after one night, you could find the feeling of being attached to the trees. It is obvious that the old officials were coming to the forest to relief the wonders of the way of the world.

One night staying in the house in the middle of the forest in Cuc Phuong, I have already bought the feeling of the fairy, the recluse, or the old officials refusing their ranks. The living is like cloud flying through the door, which is strangely leisured.