Famous Food in Malaysia

The food in Malaysia is an amazing mix of a bunch of different styles of cooking including Indian and Chinese. This makes for some amazing meals and you definitely won’t be struggling to find food to eat while you’re Wisata Maluku in Malaysia.

Here are some of the different food/drinks you will find while travelling around Malaysia:

Malaysian: try the char kuey teow – a wide, flat noodle fried up with veggies, meat, egg and tasty sauce or nasi lemak – a rice dish with peanuts, veggies, dried fish and this sweet and spicy sauce.

Chinese: Chinese food is all over the place, including in restaurants and just in street stalls. Be certain to try wantan mee – it’s sooooo good. They also have all sorts of other noodle and rice dishes that I get confused with Malaysian food sometimes as they’re a bit similar.

Indian: the Indian food in Malaysia is so good and you’ll find it almost everywhere. Try roti canai – a flaky bread with curry dip, tandoori chicken and loads and loads of curries. There’s also Indian restaurants that serve your meal on a banana leaf – pretty cool!

Western: you’ll find a lot of Western food in Kuala Lumpur where they have loads of American restaurants, but why bother with Western food while you’re here since the local food is so delicious!

Alcoholic Drinks: alcohol is expensive in Malaysia, and many people don’t drink anyways because they’re Muslim. The beer you do see around though is Tiger.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks: all sorts of soft drinks are available but they also drink a lot of really sweet, milky drinks with beans and jellies in them. They also drink a lot of tea tarik – an amazingly tasty tea with condensed milk then it’s poured from a high distance giving it a foamy top.

Snacks: my ultimate snack was roti canai as it was so cheap and so good, but there’s always grilled meat, rojak (fruit and vegetables covered in a sweet, sticky sauce and peanuts), apom (little pancakes) and fruit juices and shakes. From the corner stores you could always find familiar snacks like chips, chocolate bars and slurpees.