Grandiose Ba Vi National Park

Located in the Ba Vi district (Hanoi) with the area of more than 11,460ha, Ba Vi national park is a must-see destination for the tourist who loves adventure tour.

From the centre of Hanoi, you could follow the east for about 65km and on the left could be seen three mount – Ba Vi blurring appears.

For those who love the countryside, Ba Vi national park is considered the ideal place. Being not influenced so much by human, Ba Vi national park contains its wild beauty and fascination. Ba Vi national park has the green of the wild forest along with the pure small springs crossing the pathway of plentiful natural plants and animals.

Vua mount (King mount), Tan Vien mount, Ngoc Hoa mount – three highest mounts in Ba Vi range contain many legends of the establishing era. It is attached to the legend of Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh. Ba Vi national park has a full embrace to these three mounts. This is the fairy landscape, one of the mysterious spaces in the past and at present.

The way to come to Ba Vi national park is quite romantic with the ancient trees covered by moss at one side, and the other side is pure air space with blue sky and cloud flying around the grey mount in the distance.

Out first impression while coming to Ba Vi national park is that the mountain is high, the slope is vertical and the green color is full cover the eyes. Wisata Jakarta has a road that winds between two rows of trees like endless.

In the summer morning, the pure air made us feel at ease for everyone. Along the pathway from the entrance gate, there is a large whizzing pine-tree forest. Looking the fog on the lake surface would let each of people has their own feeling.

In the pure day with nice sun, when there is sun in the east, standing on Ba Vi mount, we could see the whole land of Hanoi with the typical features of modern blocks of house and the skyscraper in the centre of the city.

The nightfalls, Ba Vi national park is like changing the season with the full dark color. Instead of the bird singing in the morning, there are sounds of insects in the night and suddenly there would be the howling of gibbon and the sound of night animals with full of wildness.

Leaving Ba Vi national park in the regret, we could feel a part of this grandiose nature and the historical landmark left by many generations.