Guácharo Cave – The Most Famous Cave of Venezuela

This place is very fantastic for those people who are nature loving, so must visit the cave of the Guacharo. This place is so absolutely bounded with the richest vegetation of trees and you can also see the greatest of the flora and fauna that can be found in Venezuela, this places amazing that you cannot neglect.

This cave of the Guacharo is named as the national monument which is located in the eastern part of the Venezuela and it was found by Alexander Von Humboldt in 1799. It is the place which is regarded as a safe place for all the oil Birds that nestle here as they take wing away to look for food in the morning and come back by midday.

At the cave of the Guacharo the surface is normally covered with the fruits which are dropped by the birds. This is not at all safe as some of them make toxic material that acts as protection to keep their home secure as it affects delusion to the rats that undertake to go up the cave.

The most eye-catching part of the caves of the Guacharo is that the stalactites which create the whole place shine in the daylight. This place has various chambers and tight paths from which only one these chambers are occupied by the birds.

This place is separated into two parts- scientific zone and tourist zone. The scientific zone is chiefly includes the region which is set aside for scientific studies and banned for all the tourists. The tourist zone starts with the various galleries which outline the center of the cavern.  The first gallery of the Guacharo, it is pursued by the gallery of silence. The tourist zone chiefly includes all the other smaller galleries where you can locate one of the most extraordinary configurations of stalactites.

At this place Wisata di Banyuwangi you can also go for hiking and rock climbing as this area is fully covered with nature. Another splendid attraction around the cave is the waterfall; you can also find waterfalls by walking over to the caves. This waterfall is known as the La Paila or the Frying Pan, it is an eye-catching place which puts the beauty of the spectacular beauty that the caves maintain.