Romantic Honeymoon On The French Riviera

A romantic honeymoon on the French Riviera is the dream of millions of couples around the world. The French Riviera, which is essentially a long coastline stretching from the Mediterranean coast of Italy to France including the entire southern border of Monaco, has been a favorite Style for the rich and famous for more than two centuries. Home to some of the most exotic locations and also a hub of arts & culture, the French Riviera is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

To have a romantic honeymoon on the French Riviera, it is important to have a meticulously chalked out itinerary. There is something unique about the places along the French Riviera and that is they all appear to be enticing and the entire excitement can be mired with wrong or inefficient planning.

The first thing any couple should consider is the timeframe they are willing to spend there. Ideally, two weeks is considered to be good enough if Paris is being included as a stopover otherwise anything from five days or seven days to a ten day trip is good enough.

Second, the time of the year is important. A romantic honeymoon can get even more exciting if there are some savings here and there which can then make way for expenses elsewhere, such as shopping. French Riviera is a paradise for shopaholics hence saving on accommodation and trips may be desirable. May to June and September to October are usually the time when you get the best prices. The weather is good enough during these times.

Third, anyone must have a list of places they wish to visit on the French Riviera. Monaco should feature as the topmost priority along with Nice. The trouble is that Monaco itself has much to offer, from pristine beaches and luxurious resorts to the French Alps. Most couples wish to visit Cannes and St Topaz for a dynamically different experience. The itinerary should be planned in accordance to these desires. Heading to French Riviera for a romantic honeymoon without an extensive and well crafted itinerary can be a disappointment.

Last but certainly not the least you should plan the things to do. Shopping, wine, art galleries and beachfront fun should feature as top priorities just as the cruises along the French Riviera and historical places in Nice and Monaco.

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