10 List of Must-Pack Items For Travel

Everyone has their “list” of things they wouldn’t even think of leaving behind while traveling, and here’s mine (in no particular order)!

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  1. Packing Cubes: these things are absolutely indispensable when you’re a traveling neat freak. They keep all the stuff in your bag organized into nice little cubes that also squish your stuff down so you can fit more into your bag. I got a pack of three eBags from Amazon for just over $20, and they have been so worth it. You’ll find them at your local MEC or outdoor store but for double the price, so go Amazon!
  2. Sanuks: if you haven’t heard of Sanuks yet, you should definitely jump on the bandwagon (females and males!). They are like a flip flop/shoe hybrid and totally comfortable for when you want a bit more than a flip flop but don’t want to chuck on socks and runners. They’re also awesome as water shoes or when you’re walking across rocks with barnacles etc and they dry super fast! You can also chuck them in the washing machine if you get them muddy or stinky and they come out good as new. Screw TOMS, get yourself some Sanuks!
  3. Lululemon Wunderunders (leggings): if I could wear these leggings every day, I would. They are the comfiest and most versatile pant ever, and can go from hiking to a night out just like that! They’re made of thick luon material that aren’t see-thru in the bum when you bend over and have a thick waistband that doesn’t dig into your chub all the time. I would never forget these while traveling, and if I lost them I’d definitely find a way to get a new pair ASAP.
  4. Panasonic Lumix TS4: this camera is the shit. After reading tons of reviews online for a camera that was waterproof and took good pictures, I bought this one used off Amazon and couldn’t be happier. This thing is bomb proof and takes some awesome pictures. I left my expensive camera at home in favour of this since I felt like I was carrying around a baby with the expensive one: I couldn’t leave it anywhere and when I brought it anywhere I didn’t want it to get ruined and I missed out on a bunch of photo ops because I didn’t want to bring it to the beach, near water, etc. It is drop proof, waterproof, dustproof and freeze proof – I’ve taken it everywhere with me so far and I can’t wait to take it to SE Asia!
  5. Lush Products: to save space and weight, I bought Lush solid shampoo & conditioner, a bar of their soap and dry shampoo. This has seriously lightened my load and works just as good as liquid shampoo & conditioner, the soap smells amazing and has lasted forever and the dry shampoo is great for in between hair washings. The lasting power, lack of liquids and lower pack weight makes these Lush products totally worth it.
  6. Document Organizer: I bought a document organizer from MEC and now use it as my wallet, a place to hold boarding passes and a place to hold a small notebook and pen for recording my expenses. It zips up so none of my cards are sliding around and everything is kept so nice and neat – perfect for an organization freak like myself.
  7. Notepads and Pens: a pack of Post-Its, a pen and a (couple) small notebooks have really helped me keep track of my expenses on this trip so far, along with writing general notes and memos. I was bad on my last trip and didn’t keep track of where my money is going, and now I have it down to the last penny I’ve spent and it feels good!
  8. Earplugs & Eyemask: these are also indispensable and forgetting these would make a plane ride even crappier. They’re handy when you’re camping and hostel-ing as well, since some people just don’t stfu. Pack lots!
  9. Inflatable Neck Pillow: I made fun of Glen for buying this but then I got jealous and bought one too. It deflates to nothing and takes like 20 seconds to blow up for ultimate sleeping-while-sitting-up quasi-comfort. Pair this with the earplugs, eye mask and throw in some sleeping pills for a grand ol’ time!
  10. Passport: I really only had nine things but I think this one is pretty important. That and travel insurance.

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