Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – Three questions

Following the friends who are working in the NGOs, I wandered the Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park to work for the environment of Vietnam. The attitude of tourism and their perceiving gives me three questions.

Experienced in many countries of Africa and Bolivia, Dominica, etc, the first thing that Jochen (German manager of GTZ – environmental organization) did when he stepped on this land is coming to the exhibition room. The information about this national park is collected already, but what he really wanted to see is the relic that being kept in here. Hasten for one round, Jochen asked the first question: “What does the visitor get after coming out of this room?”

It is the fact that the exhibition room is right on the entrance of the area, but the number of pictures and relics are so poor. There is not few visitors have to wrinkle they eyebrow to find the precious Trachypithecus or the picture of orchard that has been blurred. With the large national eyebrow like Phong Nha – Ke Bang, the lack of that information has decreased some parts of the interest to the visitors who has just stopped by. The way to Phong Nha cave is strangely beautiful. The green color covers the trees, the Son River to the mountain ranges and the grass on the two banks. There is some sunlight falling into the cloud reflected from the water surface.

The boat quietly brought us to the deep of the Phong Nha cave Wisata Makassar. The water and the bat combined with the pure air. 600m of underneath river is the way that visitors would see the stalactites like the cluster light to shine the “beach of the fairy”, or tiger head, elephant right in the waist of the river, and the lion with the red hairs hanging on the ceiling.

Those hard to reach areas are still there but the stalactites from the soil in the Phong Nha acave and Tien Son cave are still have to carry the steps of corrupt officials. The stalactites which needs millions of years to appear and the second question is made: “Is it possible to create only one way in and one way out to the inside of the cave for the rest of the stalactites to continue its development?”

The deeper, the more mysterious the cave is.  The stalactites of the “golden bell”, the “hair of the fairy”, the love castle or the mount of waiting husband are the interesting parts of this limestone land. On the small ways to the inside of the cave, there are some cool drops to the floor or to the stalactites that create the strange pure sounds.

Our European friends were not hesitated to sit quietly for nearly half an hour only to listen to the water dropping. That is such a special feeling with them to find the way out of the industrial sounds, and the real world to live with the accumulation sound where the water drops bring them into the natural melody. There is another groups come in bringing the steps sound and the noise. We stood up and this question is like a new idea for the tourist makers: “Is it possible to take one minute quiet every 10 minutes to listen to the breath of the cave, so that the visitors would feel the Phong Nha – Ke Bang with all of their sense?”