5 Sexy Honeymoon Spots In Spain

Spain is home to the flamenco, some of the most fascinating art and music, some of the most revered festivals in the world and a climate that would suit all and sundry, whether you are from the Scandinavian countries or anywhere from the UK or the US. A honeymoon in Spain is a dream for many who are about to tie the knot and the land of Barcelona and Real Madrid can also be ideal for your fifth or tenth honeymoon.

The country has a lot to offer and it has more honeymoon spots than what can be anticipated. Here are 5 sexy honeymoon spots in Spain, in no specific preferential order.


Majorca is also known as Mallorca. It is an island off the mainland of Spain. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca has an amazing weather and offers some of the coolest and sexiest honeymoon spots in all of Spain. The island of Ibiza had been made well known in pop culture but what Majorca can offer you and your partner, very few other places can.


Marbella is a city in Southern Spain where you get beaches, white and yellow sand, green waters of the Mediterranean Sea, history in all its opulence and some mountains. It is an ideal blend of many worlds that would never fail to impress you. Whether you wish to pamper your shopping skills or you just want to laze around on the beachfronts, Marbella is more than meets the eye.

Plaza De La Cortes

Plaza De La Cortes is not actually a sexy honeymoon destination by contemporary definitions but if a couple has mutual interest in art, architecture, history and a bit of philosophy then the Courthouse Square in Madrid can be a fascinating experience. Not always does some out of the world settings of nature appear to be sexy. Sometimes, it is the ambiance of heritage and a unique experience that does the trick.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands shouldn’t need any introduction to any travel bug. While it may not appear to be an exotic location but the nightlife, the kind of hotels available that offer panoramic and ever stretching views of the seas from the room itself, Pulau Samalona have to be a sexy honeymoon spot.

Spanish Pyrenees

Most people do not associate Spain with skiing but the Spanish Pyrenees is a haven for that. While you may not wish to ski on your honeymoon but the terrain, the hills and the weather would make it an amazing holiday for you.