Luxury For The Single Male on Holiday

The Gentleman’s Travel Club (GTC) is a highly exclusive and wholly private online members club, offering complete anonymity for the discerning gentleman to escape the grind of daily working life and to relax in sumptuous surroundings in exotic locations, with like-minded individuals.

‘Getting away from it all’ is such a well-worn phrase and very few people could ever actually achieve that – untill now.

The Gentleman’s Travel Club (GTC) was created after one of the founders became seriously ill, an illness brought on by stress. He realized that he had to escape or die. Whilst recuperating, he asked himself what he really needed in his year, to be able to deal with the stresses and pressures of business life.

He knew it had to be a case of ‘no-holds-barred-no expense spared’.

After ten years of trial Investasi Reksadana and error during which time he tried, amongst others, monastic retreats, seclusion on a mountain, walking the desert and yoga; none of these gave him the inner relaxation and feeling of absolute well-being he needed.

Then he met an old school friend who invited him to join him and his all female cabin crew on his yacht moored in the Mediterranean. The rest, as they say, is history.

Try to remember the most fantastic holiday you have ever experienced. Think of a hotel, where the service was superb, the cuisine exquisite and the surroundings sumptuous.

Sadly, you are still not within shooting distance of a GTC event.

From the moment you board your flight and take your seat in your own private jet, to the day you leave, feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again; you will enjoy an experience you could not even begin to imagine.

Their aim is to provide for every whim or desire that, you, the hard working businessman needs to unwind and recharge your batteries before launching yourself back into the stress of your normal every day working life.

For one week you can forget the pressures you face in a normal day and retire into a world of relaxation and hedonistic pleasures.

They never cater for more than six members on any complimentary activity; thus ensuring the utmost attention to all your needs and requirements.

When you return home they make sure that it’s with a smile of complete satisfaction – a smile that will last until the next trip and in the knowledge that your details will never be disclosed to anyone outside the GTC will visit fantastic locations in warm and sunny climes and the islands are secluded, exotic and tropical’. During your stay you will enjoy haute cuisine, prepared by an internationally acclaimed Chef; the finest wines and Champagnes; remote private beaches and total luxury.