A Tour to Singapore Zoo

A Tour to Singapore Zoo

The Singapore zoo is one of the most wonderful and famous ‘open Zoo’ around the globe and its covering 28 hectares of an area, the zoo has more than 3500 reptiles, birds and mammals. This zoo also has an orange utan breeding plan which is admired world over. In this Singapore zoo there are lots of uncommon and rare species on the zoo like Sea Lion, Proboscis Monkey, Rhino, Komodo Dragon and Malayan Tiger.

In this zoo you can also find the area which is alike to the Savannah climate in Ethiopia. It display is identified for the black backed jackal, the Hamadryas the rock hyrax and the banded mongoose.

In this zoo you will also have a tram service as well that will show you the whole area and you will also find a great view of the magnetisms. Though, this zoo is very enjoyable and I suggest you to see it by walking. If you arrive at the zoo before time then you can benefit that you have breakfast with the members of the zoo as company like Oriental small-clawed otter, the reticulated python and also the ever famous orang utan. Breakfast starts at 9 am sharp. The ticket to see this wonderful zoo is costs 15.80 SGD for adults.

This Singapore zoo is open from 8:30 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening everyday. It entrance ticket are costs at 16.50 SGD per head. The tram ride would price you 5SGD additional. You can also have the Elephant rides and Horse Carriage ride; it costs 8SGD as the pony rides costs 4 SGD. You can also get the package which costs 45 SGD it will cover the entrance to Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and also Singapore zoo.

So as to arrive at Singapore zoo, you have to take a MRT to Choa CHU Kang station, the hop on SMRT Bus 927 which takes you to the zoo straightly seonesia. Another way is that take the MRT to Ang Mo Kio station and after that take SBS bus 138.