Enjoying An Urban Honeymoon In Prague

Enjoying An Urban Honeymoon In Prague

For couples tying the knot, a popular choice as far as honeymoon destinations go is Europe. While traditional choices on this continent have usually revolved around perennial favorites such as London, Paris and the Mediterranean, many of these places have gotten unbearably expensive over the past generation.

If you are suffering from the budgeting woes going over the costs of heading to these places, look east young couple, as places like the Baltics, the Balkans and Central Europe offer steep discounts, which retaining much of the charm of their pricier colleagues.

In particular, we recommend the city of Prague, which is the gorgeous capital of the Czech Republic. What specifically stands out here for the romantically attuned couple? This post will clue you in on the attractions and activities that you won’t want to miss on your honeymoon to this essential Central European city.

Tour Prague Castle

While you may be content to spend most of your time together lazily wandering the streets Pantai Ngrawah of this architecturally adept city, if there is one major tourist site that you shouldn’t miss during your time in Prague, it is Prague Castle.

This regal fortification have the awesome distinction of being the world’s largest castle built in medieval times, and in the present day, part of it serves as the home of the president of the Czech Republic.

Within its walls are numerous churches, halls and palaces, all of which will wow you and your love with their utter and complete decadence.

Go on a river cruise

At some point in your stay in Prague, hop aboard a scenic river cruise, as doing this will provide the best way possible to enjoy Prague’s sights with little physical effort expended by either of you. Additionally, many of these attractions offer dinner, drinks, and musical entertainment that will enhance the urban scenery as it unfolds during your trip down the Vitava River.

Dine at some of Prague’s finest restaurants

Finally, there are many restaurants within Prague that will ply you with some of the finest meals that you will ever eat in your life. Kampa Park Restaurant can be found along the banks of the Vitava River, and it offers some of the cities’ best seafood, along with wild game hunted within the borders of this Central European nation.

Meanwhile, experience a cellar-style eatery by spending an evening at Bily Konicek Restaurant, which offers fine meals in a 12th century environment, which is an atmosphere that is heightened by live latin, blues, and jazz music.